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Details noted on the rear mufflers (3)

V49.01 du 19/05/2023.

After the discontinuation of the second muffler model, this new muffler will be installed on all new panzerkampfwagen II Ausf F. It will also be standardised on all renovations and variants of this tank.

Details noted on the rear mufflers (2)

V48.01 du 21/04/2023.

The manufacture of this exhaust will cease with of the end of the production of Panzer II Ausf C.

Details cranks

V47.01 du 14/04/2023.

The housing for the crank extension is attached to the right rear mudguard along the Werkzeugkasten III. It can be noticed that on the panzer II ausf a, this tube is not present. For some vehicles of the Afrika Korps, this tube was placed on the right front fender.

Motor range details Ausf F

V46.01 du 31/03/2023.

The transition between the last panzerkampfwagen II Ausf C and the panzerkampfwagen Ausf F will be done slowly. The change of denomination will be done with the change of the front of The armour. This one will become vertical.

Motor range details Ausf A, B, & C 

V45.01 du 16/03/2023.

The motor ranges of the A to C series are of the same model. The renovations will concern the evolution of the ventilation which will be common with the ausf F.

Motor range details Ausf c

V44.01 du 03/03/2023

The rear deck of the Ausf c Panzer II takes its final shape. It is the last finalization, before the mass production of this tank.

Motor range details Ausf b

V4301 du 03/02/2023.

The reduction of vents appeared on the Panzer II Ausf b. Retroactively, it was generalised on all machines as well as on all Ausf a models.

Motor range details Ausf a

V42.01 du 20/01/2023.

Details bogies and suspensions PzII Ausf a2

V41.01 du 08/01/2023.

The running gear of the panzer II Ausf a 2 is of the same type as the last of the panzer II Ausf a1. The partial renovations remain rare and are limited to the new blades spring. This seems to be due to the breakdowns during the 39-45 campaigns.

Markings details 04

V40.01 du 04/07/2022.

The custom of posthumous markings, following the death of a crew member, became fashionable after the Polish campaign and continued throughout the war on some old materials.

Engine details Maybach HL 62TR

V39.01 du 27/05/2022;

The Maybach HL 62TR engine was introduced in the Panzerkampfwagen II with the Ausf b version. It will be used on all future versions until the end of the war.

Engine details Maybach HL 57TR

V38.01 du 06/05/2022.

The Maybach HL 57TR engine was put into service on the Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf a1 to a3. It can also be seen on the prototypes for the finalization of the propulsion.

Man prototype details (4)

V37.01 du 22/04/2022.

This prototype served as the basis for the order of the first ten vehicles. But the tests will continue until the second series of Panzer II Ausf a.

Man prototype details (3)

V36.01 du 09/04/2022.

The TR version of the Maybach HL 57 engine (Trockensumpfschmierung – dry sump lubrication) will be installed allowing the final installation of the propulsion.

Man prototype details (2)

V35.01 du 24/03/2022.

This vehicle still has a high engine bonnet. The high position of the air filter can also be seen, which suggests a classic HL 57 engine in its early versions, with a deep oil pan. Some sources also speak of an intermediate air-cooled Man engine with 100 hp (references unknown). This test chassis will also be used to test the future panzer II tensioning wheel.

Engine details Maybach HL 52

V34.01 du 11/03/2022.

The Maybach HL 52 engine was imposed by the specifications of the WaA/Wa PrW 6 office, during the testing of the first prototypes for the award of the contract for the future Panzerkampfwagen II.

Man prototype details (1)

V33.03 du 24/02/2022.

January – 1935, 
Like all the other prototypes of the firms associated with the La.S.100 project, the Man prototype is equipped with the 120 hp Maybach HL 52 engine and the Zahnradfabrik SSG 45 gearbox with six forward and one
reverse gear.

Prototype Krupp details

V032.01 du 10/02/2022.

The available archives do not allow us to formally attribute the first design to Henschel. Its strong mechanical resemblance to the Krupp prototype suggests another hypothesis. The latter project would have finally presented two types of suspension. The efforts made by the two firms were not enough to be retained by the WaA/Wa Prw 6 offices.

Concepts details

V31.01 du 28/01/2022

Smaller, the Kleintraktor is not the prototype of the Panzerkampfwagen II. It is the contemporary of this one. These works will have a strong influence on all the proposed prototypes of the future La.s. 100 (Landwirtschaftliche Kleintraktor 6.

Série N°3

Technical hatches pilot Ausf a1, a2 & a3 détails.

Caterpillar Kgs.67 280/90 details.

Bogies Pz II Ausf a1 start of series details (1).

Bogies Pz II Ausf a1 start of series details (2).

Bogies Pz II Ausf a1 end of series details (1).

Bogies Pz II Ausf a1 end of series details (2).

 Pz II Ausf a1 undercarriage details. 

Lifting jack details (1).

Lifting jack details (2).

Regulations service details (1). 

Série N°2

Command dome details (1).

Command dome details (2).

MG. 34 supports details.

MG. 13 details.

Détails MG. 34 – MG. 34 details.

Zubehörkasten MG. 34 details.

Werkzeugtasche MG. 34 details.

Magazines details.

2cm Kw.K. 30 L55 details.

Markings details (3).

Série N°1

Details turret hatches.

Details of the slurries.

Details turret armaments.

Detail lubrication board.

NKAV details (1).

Details of the Werkzeugkasten III (1).

Details of the Werkzeugkasten III (2).

Details noted on the rear mufflers.

Details markings (1).

Details markings (2).